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Pool Services

Sunny day, clear skies, warm breeze and a cool glass in hand… And a dirty pool? Well, that just isn’t right. Our vibrant South Florida weather demands a crystal clear pool. Busy schedules demands, family life and many other things can easily get in the way of pool cleaning.

Pool Maintenance

Complete pool maintenance for residential pools and commercial pools.

Pool Resurfacing

update the interior of your pool with a brand new finish.

Pool Tiles

Liven up your pool by replacing the pool tile.

Pool Coping

Beautify the borders of your pool with pool coping.

Paver Installation

Pavers are the finishing touch of a beautiful home or business.

New Equipment Installation

Upgrade your pool equipment and extend your pool’s lifespan.

Deck Finishes

Kool Deck and Spray Deck products to keep cool in the heat!

Spend your free time lounging in the pool

Bee’s Pool Service is here for your pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool renovation and pool repair in South Florida! Our pool service company serves both residential and commercial pools in the Miami-Dade County , Broward, and Palm Beach County . Proudly, we continually work to uphold our reputation of being a reliable, comprehensive and professional pool service center. Our friendly customer service staff is eager to please, easy to reach and available when you are.

Bee’s Pool Maintenance provides a full range of pool services, including pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool repair, pool remodeling and many more in With over 14 years of experience in pool service in South Florida, Bee’s Pool Service offers brilliant service for all your pool needs.

Our focus is to provide the best service: All of our pool services are closely monitored with photos at every service. Our reliable pool service technicians carefully track any changes and are on hand to detect and evaluate any immediate and future pool repairs, possible pool needs and existing pool conditions. At every service, our aim is to offer top of the line service. With that motto, Bee’s Pool Service began and continues to grow one happy pool at a time.

Make your pool a happy pool with weekly maintenance and brighten it up with our many pool transformation services. Then, rest easy with Bee’s Pool Service’s professional pool evaluation and speedy pool repair services. Our expert team of pool service technicians is trained and quick to respond. Keep your pool crystal clear with Bee’s Pool Service at 305-621-2675 Miami-Dade 954-964-4111 Broward

Our Clients Love Us!

Jackie Testimonial Miami

“I have had absolutely no problems with Bee’s and they have NEVER missed a week or done a less than excellent job since first contracting them to come ”

– Gina H.


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Our expert team of pool service technicians is trained and quick to respond. Keep your pool crystal clear with Bee's Pool Service

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