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Miami Pool Resurfacing

A pool resurfacing updates the interior of your pool with a brand new finish. Freshen up your pool, and you can even add a whole new feature. Advantages of resurfacing your pool:

  • It helps prevent leaks
  • Extends the life of your pool
  • Improved overall appearance

When should I resurface my pool?

With time and use, your swimming pool interior will wear out. One of the main reasons a pool resurfacing is important is to avoid leaks, these can happen when the finish is damaged and eroded by chemicals, use and the elements. If the pool is chalking, it is a good sign that the pool renovation may be necessary. Other signs include difficulty keeping the pool clean or balanced. In cases that the pool is pitted, it is extremely difficult to keep clean. You may also notice that the pool is rougher, easier to stain and discolored. Most pools will require a pool resurfacing after a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

Pool resurfacing options

There are many different options for pool finishes. A wide variety of color, texture and materials now exist for all tastes. Your pool is considered part of your home decoration and with so many options, you can make it your own.

What is Diamond Brite pool finish?

One popular and modern option for pool resurfacing is Diamond Brite Pool Plaster. It is made of natural quartz, so the accent colors won’t rush, rub or fade. It is a preferred option by many pool owners, since it offers a tough and permanently bonded colored coating.

The advantages of Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite offers a large variety of colors for all personal styles and design ideas. Diamond Brite colors give the surface a multicolored appearance, hiding imperfections obvious in other plasters. This color depth offers a lasting color and high durability, along with a rich color. It also offers the security of a slip resistant pool interior as well as comfort for feet. One of the most favored features of Diamond Brite is the ease of maintenance and durability. Shouldn’t your pool be beautiful and durable?

Bring back the fun in your pool and your outdoor space!

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