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Pool Tile Replacement

Looking to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard? Liven up your pool by replacing the pool tile. Pool tile replacement adds value to your home, as well as, color and new life into an older pool. Along with the cosmetic reasons for replacing the pool tile, there are many structural reasons, such as cracks, wear and breakage in the tile. Failure to repair damaged pool tiles can result in water seeping behind the pool walls. With over 14 years of experience, Bee’s Pool Service can provide a professional evaluation to determine if any pool tile replacements and repairs are necessary.

When do I replace my pool tile?

  • Is the tile cracked?
  • Is the pool tile falling off?
  • Does the tile have white deposits?
  • Has the grout eroded away?

The tile is cracked

Minor cracks and shifts in the pool walls can cause tiles to crack.

The tile is falling off

Wear and tear can cause the tiles to fall off. It can also be the result of insufficient caulking or grout, allowing the water to seep in between the tiles. One of our trained pool service technicians will determine if the tiles can be re-grouted or require replacement.

Tile has white deposits

White deposits on your pool tile can be accumulations of minerals salts from the grout. They can also arise from the pool water. In some cases, an acid wash or a deep brushing can removed the deposits. Our skilled pool service technicians can evaluate the best option for your pool.

Pool tile repair

Older pools may need tile replacement, while others may just need re-grouting. The grout between the pool tiles can wear away due to the pool chemicals. Water can seep in between the tiles and cause the tile to fall off. Bee’s Pool Service will determine if the tile needs to be re-grouted or replaced.

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