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New Equipment Installation

Lack of pool maintenance can cut the lifespan of your pool in half. Equipment can be upgraded for more energy-efficient models. It is also replaced once the equipment is worn out or no longer functioning.


A pool filter has a significant effect on the pool circulation. A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency by 80%, causing green and cloudy water, even when chemical levels are ideal and the pump is running. A sand filter tends to run an hour for every 10 degrees of the outdoor temperature, so it will run longer in the summer days. The sand filter should be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Cartridge filters should also run one hour for every 10 degrees of outside temperature. The cartridge filter should be cleaned every couple of weeks, depending on the dirt buildup.

Signs that it’s time to change your pool filter:

  • The filter is old and worn.
  • The material is frayed and flattened.
  • The bands are broken.
  • Filter has weak and frail end caps.
  • Cracked or breaks in the filter.
  • The pressure decreases.

Salt system

The salt system is made up of two major parts: the cell and the control board. The cell converts the salt to chlorineThe life span can be shortened by improper or excessive cleaning. The control board in the salt system is in charge of providing the needed electricity to the cell. This determines how much chlorine is produced. Tips to maintain your salt system:

  • Keep a consistent level of salt in the pool.
  • Keep a consistent level of salt in the pool.
  • Turn off the equipment during storms with lightening.
  • Calcium levels should be kept as low as possible.

Heating systems

Heating systems are typically replaced once the heater is worn or fails. There are many different types of heaters, including electric and solar heating systems. The electric heating systems pump adds about 1 to 3 degrees and requires an electrician. Solar heating systems are the easiest to install and heat fast on hot days, but are less efficient in cold weather.


A pool vacuum is essential to remove the dirt that stays on the bottom or the sides of the pool and does not flow through the pool filtration system. It is recommended that vacuums be evaluated by a pool professionalThere are many options available when considering replacing your pool vacuum.

The four main types of pool vacuums are manual, suction side, pressure side and robotic. Manual vacuums are made up of hand operated equipment. Suction side vacuums are ideal for cleaning the bottom of the pool. These vacuums operate by drawing debris toward the filter. Pressure side cleaners move the dirt around so that it can be picked up by the filter and clean the walls of the pool efficiently. Robotic pool vacuums have their own pump and filter, so they reduce the strain on the pool filter. However, unlike the other vacuums, robotic cleaners cannot be left in the pool in between uses.

LED lights for décor

Looking for add a special touch to your pool? LED lights help lighten your pool. Bee’s Pool Service offers white and color LED lights to add a sparkle of magic to your pool.

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