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Pool Coping

Pool coping is the material that is added to the border of the pool. The coping can be of the same material as the deck, or a different material and cut. The copings can be any combination of brick, stone or concrete. Depending on the look that you wish to achieve, consider the style, cost and maintenance of the pool coping. Bee’s Pool Service experienced staff can help you develop the coping ideal for your home and pool.

Options For Pool Coping

  • Poured concrete, also known as cantilever coping
  • Natural stone
  • Precast concrete
  • Paver coping
  • Brick coping

Cantilever coping/ poured concrete

Looking for a modern and sleek pool? The cantilever coping offers a clean and contemporary look. It also gives the illusion that the decking material is larger and more prominent than it is.

Natural stone

Natural stone coping provides natural, casual and elegant look to the pool area. When choosing a natural stone coping, many choices are available, such as: brick, slate, limestone, concrete, travertine, marble, cast stone or flagstone. These options offer a variety of colors and textures. This coping is ideal to achieving a high end look in the pool area.

Precast concrete

This is standard and most common pool coping. It is available in a wide range of sizes, colors and textures.

Paver and Brick coping

One of the most traditional materials for pool coping is brick. The brick coping offers a rounded edge to soften the corners, which makes this coping a good option for children. Paver coping offers a rectangular edge for the pool.

The main difference between brick and paver coping is the edge of the coping that faces the pool. The brick coping has a rounded edge, while the paver coping has a rectangular edge similar to regular pavers.

Pool coping repairs

Wear and tear, as well as, time can cause damage to the pool coping. Your pool coping may be in need of a repair. Things to consider:

  • Is the coping loose?
  • Are there cracks in the joints between the coping stones?
  • Is the coping chipped?

Give your pool the finishing touch with Bee’s Pool Service.

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